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Expo 2010 Shanghai Draws Millions

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Mr. Park Keun-woo, director of Korea Pavilion at Shanghai Expo

According to Shanghai Expo representatives, half a million local tourists visit the Shanghai Expo. The 184-day event is predicted to attract an estimated 4 million foreign visitors. The Shanghai Expo is being held on both banks of the Huangpu River in the city of Shanghai from May 1 to Oct. 31.

Many superlatives are associated with the Shanghai Expo.. It is the most expensive Expo in the history of world fairs. The Shanghai Expo is also the largest World’s fair site at 5.28 square km.

At more than 190 countries, it is most participated-in Expo ever. More than 50 international organizations have participated. China expects almost 100 foreign leaders to visit. Between 70 to 100 million visitors are expected to visit the Expo, which would make it the most visited in history.

The theme of the exposition is “Better City-Better Life” and signifies its cleaner and greener China concept with new technologies. Since the Expo site is gigantic, there are many shuttle buses that operate between each pavilion. These shuttles are environmentally friendly electric buses. The Expo vehicles can travel about 1,000 kilometers after being charged for eight hours. Also, 36 super capacitor and six fuel-cell buses run between the Asian, European, African pavilions on the Pudong side of the site.

About 120 electric buses shuttle between the two sides of the Huangpu River though the Xizang Road Tunnel. Around 70 fuel cell cars serve VIPS and more than 100 electric 11-seat golf cart look like cars transport mainly on the elevated pedestrian paths than link the pavilions.

The Partner Robot in display at the Japan Pavilion attracted many young visitors and it can play the violin with very sensitive fingers. The Technology Zone in Korea Pavilion, 3-D TVs that show both Korean and Chinese characters with symbolizing each country in three dimensions are popular among children. Surrounding the 3-D screens are 13 fiber optic trees that constantly change colors according to the images shown on the screen.

One of the most popular must-see exhibitions in the Korean pavilion is traditional Korean drum performance.

Park Keun-woo, a director of Korea Pavilion said, “The traditional drum performance is the most popular content in the pavilion. Thanks to Hallyu, Chinese are interested in Korean art, technology and business. We expect 6 million visitors by the 31st of October.”

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