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Visit Korea Incheon 2009

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Reprinted with permission from the Korea IT Times

Global Fair and Festival 2009

A bird’s-eye view of the main plaza of the Global Fair and Festival 2009 Incheon, Korea — Korea IT Times

This year is Visit Korea Incheon 2009. Incheon’s city government has focused on creating sightseeing programs and building sightseeing infrastructure. For these, the city government, the Incheon Tourism Organization, and the committee managing the event finished their overall preparations. First they selected a symbol with three colors: yellow, blue, and red. This trinity stands for Global Incheon. Yellow symbolizes the hope, blue shows the dreams and red signifies the passion of Incheon. Then, they selected a slogan: Come together, Fly Incheon. Through the slogan they expressed their hope to see a rapidly-rising Incheon.

Various Hot Spots

Palmido (Palmi Island) has reopened its lighthouse, which has been there for 100 years, and an esplanade. If you like jajangmyeon, Chinatown has good restaurants. You can have some excellent jajangmyeon and create a great memory. Baeknyeong Island is also wonderful. You can feel the beauty of nature in the rock cliffs of the Dumujin and the sandy Sogot Coast.

In June, it is a perfect time to stay at a temple. The temple stays allow you to feel the value of slowness and emptiness.In July, Incheon recommends a paradise – Ongjin. You can enjoy not only swimming, but also fishing in the sea and catching clams along the shore.

In August, through the Global Fair & Festival 2009, Songdo will reveal itself to the world. The fair is scheduled to run from August to October. It will entertain visitors by providing 65 programs. In particular, Global Culture Street is very unique – it’s the perfect setting for visitors to create an unforgettable memory. You will notice that Songdo has two looks: the global city and the future city.

In September, Korea’s longest bridge – and the fifth longest in the world – will open for the first time. There will be lots of events celebrating the completion of the construction work. October marks the beginning of the Sorae Wharf Festival. You can see and smell the ocean, and the foreshore is filled with various creatures which can help to reenergize yourself. In November, the everlasting theme of Wolmi Island is romance. You can find out why while you are walking through the picturesque streets with your loved one. In December, Seokmo Island has the greatest sunsets, painting all things red – the sky, the sea and you. It will be a good way to finish the year and to reflect upon yourself.

Boys Over Flowers

boys over flowers scene

A scene from Boys Over Flowers on Palmi Island — Korea IT Times

The famous Korean TV series Boys Over Flowers was shot in Incheon. The Incheon Tourism Organization attracted the series to inform people of various showplaces. This famous series chose Palmido, Songdo and Muuido as its background because these spots beautified the scenes and gave the ending an incredible look.

The last scenes of the series showed the beautiful islands and sea of Incheon together. Through this opportunity, Incheon showed off its charm to the whole nation.

The heroine confessed her love to the hero first and kissed him on Fairy Rock Beach, in Eurwangni. Also, they took their last trip to Incheon at Silmido, Jamjindo and Eurwangni.

The committee plans to use the series to inform people about Incheon, and has uploaded information and photos about the film locations to its homepage. In addition, the committee is developing many sources for sightseeing and attracting tourists both foreign and domestic.

Railroad Travel

The Incheon Tourism Organization created programs to let people enjoy the showplaces of Incheon on the Korea Railroad for Visit Korea Incheon 2009 and the Global Fair & Festival.

First, the Love Story Starlight Train is a package deal. The train starts from Seoul Station and goes to Incheon Station, and then stays for one hour in Chinatown. Before this tour, the railroad trip was a little boring, but this tour is different. It makes up for the weakness by serving wine, music by a DJ and live performances. Responses from 20-somethings and 30-somethings have been very good. The package will be sold until late September this year and trains will operate just 31 times. You can check the schedule and make a reservation on Korail Tourservice’s website It costs 35,000 won (US$26.13) per person.

Moreover, the package deal called “Do you know Incheon?” is divided into two parts. First, you can see Korean modern history. Incheon was an open port for accepting modern civilization from foreign countries. It was the main stage in Korea’s early modern era. There is Chinatown, Jayu Park and modern architecture. You can tour around this area with Cultural Heritage Interpreters. Then you can rediscover Incheon as Korea’s first city of modern civilization.

Second, Incheon is the nearest port to the Seoul metropolitan area. You don’t need to go far away from Seoul to feel the atmosphere of a port. There is Korea’s earliest lighthouse on Palmi Island, which was locked for 106 years and was reopened recently; Incheon Bridge, which is the longest in Korea at 21.27 kilometers, and the fifth longest in the world; and Incheon Complex Fish Market. The Incheon Complex Fish Market has cheap and fresh fish and generous traders. It is the best spot to enjoy gourmet seafood dishes for a sensitive wallet with your family, friends or your significant other.

This package is sponsored by the Incheon City Government. You can enjoy the package at a cheap price: 19,900 won (US$14.87) per adult, and 14,900 won (US$11.13) per child. It will be offered until late December of this year. Trains operate every weekend.

You can make a reservation at the Seoul Metropolitan West Office of the Korea Railroad (02-2634-2401), Train Tour (02-1577-7788, www.114ktx. and Hongik Tour (02-717-1002, www,

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