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Busan Metropolitan City Mayoral Candidate Mr. Oh Geo-don

Thursday, June 7th, 2018

Mr Oh Geo-don with the president Moon Jae In

It is election time in Korea. The campaigns for gubernatorial, mayoral and local council elections, as well as by-elections for 12 parliamentary seats to be held on June 13, are set to start on Thursday, June 7, 2018.

The ruling Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) party is expected to sweep the elections. Its candidates for 2,280 public servant posts, including 17 mayors and governors, and 17 education superintendents will be campaigning tirelessly in the next few days.

All parties are wooing voters with pledges and slogans. The ruling DPKis expecting to reap the fruits of recent North Korea peace overtures with its slogan, "Peace and the Economy." DPK expects big win over its main opposition, Liberty Korea Party (LKP) nation-wide.

According to recent reports, the Democratic mayoral candidate in Busan, Mr. Oh Geo-don, is leading in approval ratings against the conservative main opposition, LKP.

The pre-election polls show Oh Geo-don with a 50.5% approval rating against 20.4% LKP’s Such Byung-soo, the current mayor of Busan.

Recently the Asia Pacific Business and Technology Report attended events organized by Oh Geo-don’s campaign. Below are excerpts of the conversations.


Mr. Oh Geo Don on election Trail


Q1. What was the main purpose of yesterday's event held by the Real Estate Policy Committee?
- On June 4, around 300 people gathered in down town Busan to pledge support for our election campaign. The Real Estate Policy Committee has been serving in various parts of Busan for quite some time. Recently it acquired nationally recognized certification as a certified real estate agency. Although there are 7,750 real estate brokerage offices operating in Busan, the market has been getting sluggish and the new opportunities are closing. Of the 10,000 members in the Busan area, the 300 vice chairmen of the 23 committees under the Real Estate Policy Committee gathered and declared their support our polices and agenda.



The real estate committee members support the mayor of Pusan candidate Mr Oh Geo-don. Mayoral candidate Mr.Oh Geo Don and his wife, Sim Sang Ae, President, of real estate committee of Ki Ryang Kim, President, of real estate committee of Ki Ryang Kim, the former Vice-Minister, Mr. Baek Woon Hyun, from the Ministry of Public Administration and Security; the the president of the province of South and North Jeolla hometown alumni association, Mr. Han Kyu Kim, Fiabci-Korea Chapter President, Mr.Ji Tae Yong, he Vice-President of Asia-Pacific Business and Technology Report, Ms. Ji Woo Chung and other various important people  who attend the event are seen in the group picture

3. What is the specific strategies to achieve the campaign goals?

In addition to the R&D and knowledge-based R&D services, which are appropriate for the 4th Industrial Revolution era, the development of accounting, design, and marketing industries is essential. Marine culture, history, literature, etc is also very important. We are creating a new economy through merging various industries at one location.

Q4. Why should people vote for you?
This local election is more important than ever as Busan dreams of moving towards becoming a global city. To achieve this dream, it must choose strong leadership. This election will determine the future of Busan City for next 30 years. Only one with keen vision is the right person to be in the driver’s seat and this campaign has that sharp focus.

Q5. What is the future vision of Busan City?
You must consider that Busan has the geopolitical position as a central city to lead the new maritime era. With the new natural environment of Busan’s sea and rivers, we will be reborn as a city that creates the creative growth engine of a complex economy. In particular, in the era of peace and mutual development between the North and South, Busan will continue to expand the inter-Korean exchanges in the marine and fisheries fields, securing new routes. Busan will serve as an end point to North Korea, Russia, China, and Mongolia. Together we will carry out the tri-port function of marine, air and rail transportation in future.

Q6. If elected, what is your vision of Busan City?
The foremost vision is to increase the competitiveness of the Busan’s economy as compared to the Seoul metropolitan area and Chungcheong province, through new innovation policies.
Certain quarters fear that the economic situation of Busan will worsen. Therefore, it is urgent to make Busan a Northeast Asian maritime capital by utilizing its geographical advantage. By reviving the harmonious natural environment of the sea, rivers and mountains, the city will be reborn as one that creates creative growth engines and develops tourism. Busan needs to be connected to North Korea through the development of sea and fisheries sectors and the securing of new routes through the North, and then to Europe. We envision the future of marine, air and rail transportation will function as TrI-Port.

Q7. If Mr. Oh Geo-don is elected as a Busan mayor, what are some ambitious projects that he would like to undertake?
As the campaign slogan “Northeast Asian maritime capital” suggests, the establishment of a Tri-port is goal. , This tri-port will meet the needs of the inter-Korean exchange and peace; will foster related industries, ICT, IOT convergence; and will promote the high-value port and logistics industry, North-port holdings and water-related space tourism. The service industry, ocean fisheries R&D, and global innovation cluster creation will be among the other ambitious projects

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