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Can USA Stop China Through War? Trade or Hot War.

Monday, May 7th, 2018

Can USA Stop China through War?  Answer is  big "NO". War with China at this stage of human history can hurt free world more than China and thus must be avoided at any cost. It is simply too late to stop China through war. Genie is already out of the bottle.The best and only peaceful way to stop China is to fix the internal problems of liberal order and outgrow China.

Here are the three core problems free world is facing today.
1 .Concentration of wealth in few corporate hands
2. Concentration of political power in few demagogues
3. Concentration of all governing power in few bureaucrats

In democratic liberal order people was supposed to be the owner of the whole system. But due to above three listed reasons they have been left completely powerless and helpless and made mere slaves of the system. No wonder today Chinese are boasting the superiority of their system.So Mr. Trump and Bolton can talk about war with China as much as they want. But it is merely going to be empty talk. It is not going to stop Chinese growth story.

The way Chinese treated American trade delegation last week (both Chinese President and vice president refused to meet the American trade delegation and send them back empty handed) shows level of Chinese confidence. They already smell victory. They have no fears in their hearts .We simply can cannot bow them by mere threats of war or use of our economic might.So if we really want to preserve our way of life, let us stop focusing on stopping China. China is already beyond the reach of free world. Let us start focusing on our own problems which have brought us here in the first place.

Growing economic inequalities among the population must be stopped, illiterate and stupid people must be stopped from gaining political power and all powerful bureaucracy must be tamed and power restored back to people where it belongs.
Self course correction is the only tool available to free world to win this fight. The sooner it uses it the better for the free world.
All talk of stopping China must cease. Let China grow to its fullest potential and generate wealth for the good of mankind and bring out millions of its own people heart wrenching poverty.Self correction is the best way forward.

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