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Microsoft alters key components of Xbox One sharing policies

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

Microsoft alters key components of Xbox One sharing policies
Software giant Microsoft has reportedly altered some of its sharing policies for its latest gaming and entertainment console Xbox One after addressing to feedbacks from the 'Xbox community.

Microsoft has dropped the 24-hour Internet connection requirement for playing all disc-based games, and has made games using and sharing unlimited, CNN reports.

According to the report, president of the Interactive Entertainment Business division,

Don Mattrick said that users will be able to share, trade and resell their games in the same manner as for Xbox 360 games.

The policy alterations are applicable only to disc-based games as titles downloaded through Xbox Live cannot be shared or resold and the disc-based games too require the disc to be inserted in the console.

Additionally, the change to the key components of the Xbox One sharing policies will result in the dropping the launch of its 'family sharing plan' which would have allowed up to 10 members of a family to log in and play games form anywhere.

Chief product officer for Xbox, Marc Whitten said that there are no changes surrounding the addition of Kinect with the Xbox One, as motion sensor/ controller is crucial to build the next generation experiences that gamers are craving.

The Xbox One, due to be released this fall is priced 400 dollars, 100 dollars more than Sony's Playstation4, the report added. (ANI)

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