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Chairman of Tongil Group, Kook Jin Moon, Inaugurated as the 8th Chairman of Sun Moon Education Foundation

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Sun Moon Education Foundation’s board of directors has appointed Mr. Kook Jin Moon, 42, Chairman of Tongil Group, as the 8th Chairman of the Sun Moon Education Foundation. The inauguration ceremony will be held at the Sun Moon Art Holl, Wonhwa Building, Sun Moon University on December 18th, 11:00 AM.

The Sun Moon Education Foundation has established and continues to operate eight schools, including the Sun Hwa Kindergarten, Kyungbok Elementary School, Sun Hwa Arts School, Sun Hwa High School for Art, Sun Jeong Middle School, Sun Jeong Tourism High School and Sun Jeong High School.

As the newly appointed chairman, Kook Jin Moon plans to address the founding philosophy; Love Heaven, Love Humanity, Love the Nation. Moreover, the Sun Moon Education Foundation will strive toward demonstrating excellent positive attitudes aimed at accomplishing world peace and creating the new world culture as a credible and competitive educational institution.   

Mr. Kook Jin Moon is the fourth son of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Founder of Sun Moon Education Foundation. He earned a Bachelor of Economics at Harvard University (Magna cum Laude), an MBA from the University of Miami, and acknowledged an honorary doctorate from Sun Moon University. Currently Mr. Moon holds various positions, such as the CEO of Saeilo Enterprises, Inc., President of the Young Jin Moon Charitable Foundation, Inc., Chairman of Tongil Group, Chairman of the Segye Times, as well as Co-chairman of the National Campaign Headquarters for a Strong Korea. 
Mr. Moon has produced excellent results as chairman of Tongil Group. Through management overhaul initiatives, he turned formerly unprofitable ship building companies into entities yielding profitable returns with a positive profit projection for the next three years. Furthermore, he is very active in the campaign for the peace movements and patriotic initiatives.

He also has invited current and former heads of the state and various human rights activists to partake in the peace movement since 2008. Mr. Kook Jin Moon himself has giving public speeches about building a Strong Korea and Freedom Society on more than 130 occasions. He emphasizes the importance in building a Strong Korea in order to fortify defenses against China, a nation of increasing economic and military power, and North Korea’s possibility of provocation

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