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Technology’s Daedeok Valley to be Site of Commercialization Hub

Thursday, August 27th, 2009
Tech hub

New Business Center

Daedeok Innopolis, the administrative headquarters for the science and technology research cluster in Korea's famed Daedeok Valley, will open its Daedeok Business Hub Center in November, 2009. This step is part of a push to truly internationalize commercialization and technology transfer activities. The Daedeok Business Hub Center will serve as a one-stop global business, technology and finance center where all the players required to turn technologies into products come together.

The eleven-floor building will contain within it the Nano Research Center offices for organizations working on military technologies, and representative offices for green and other future technology ventures.

There will be an extensive International Cooperation Center at the center of the Daedeok Business Hub Center aimed at facilitating international collaboration in technology transfer and commercialization. Also included are centers focused on entrepreneurship and innovation. The University of Texas, Austin's IC² Institute has promised to set up shop here.

The third floor of the Business Hub Center will house the Daedeok Innopolis Commercialization Center and representative offices for the Korean Chamber of Commerce and other business associations. So also associations of venture companies, as well as technology promotion and licensing, organizations, will be set up here. Special attention will be given to green technology: part of Daedeok's push to make the city a center for renewable energy.

Finally, the second floor will house organizations involved in the evaluation of, patenting of, marketing of and management of technology. Other issues such as innovation in management, venture capital, design, advertising and product planning are also covered by organizations to be housed here. The Hub is meant to be one-stop for commercialization in the true sense of the word.

The center contains large, medium and small size conference rooms and exhibition and information centers for meetings and exhibitions about Daedeok technology and business.

Although the construction of the Daedeok Business Hub Center is not complete, the sleek structure with its extensive glass walls are already attracting attention.

The Daedeok Business Hub Center is located at the intersection of Daedeok Blvd. and Gajeong Road in the center of the elegant Doryong-Dong neighborhood.

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