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High Brightness LED Technology Center Setting Up in Taiwan

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Major economies around the world, including the Asia-Pacific region, are making a dynamic shift towards clean and renewable energy resources. These initiatives are well-supported by incentives from their respective governments, particularly with the implementation of energy efficiency and energy saving measures across various segments of society.

A major part of these initiatives is the adoption of energy efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for general lighting applications. This is supported by significant developments and improvements in the manufacture of LEDs, particularly highbrightness (HB) LED technologies. A significant step in the manufacture of HB LEDs is lithography, and further developments in this process ensure optimum yield and performance for high-volume HB-LED manufacturing environments.

One of the breakthroughs in this regard is the introduction of the new Sapphire 100 Lithography System from Ultratech Incorporated, which features their patented Machine Vision System that provides optimum alignment flexibility during the manufacturing process. The company is based in San Jose, California, but has recently announced the establishment of its Asia Technology Center (ATC) in Taiwan. The facility includes an integrated Class 1000 clean room that provides the capability to develop cost-effective and leading-edge process development for scalable HB-LED manufacturing.

High-Brightness LED Technology

The use of high-brightness light emitting diodes (HB-LED) will provide significant cost-reductions for various lighting applications. Energy-efficient solid-state lighting technologies will play a major role in reducing global energy costs in the very near future, and the use of HB-LEDs will be at the forefront of this global initiative. However, the manufacture of HB-LEDs requires critical cost reductions to enable the widespread adoption of the technology as an alternative method for lighting. These cost reductions can be achieved by improving productivity and yield improvements, particularly in the lithography process – a key step in the manufacture of HB-LEDS. The design rules required for HB-LED manufacturing are tighter than standard LEDs in order to improve the light extraction efficiencies.

The results of these tighter design rules are higher defect densities during the manufacturing process. It is imperative that higher yielding techniques are employed to ensure the viability of HB-LED production for a global commercial scale. Process and equipment improvements have been developed, such as those presented by Ultratech’s Sapphire 100 lithography system – to achieve higher yields, increase overall quality and reduce total manufacturing costs.

The Sapphire 100 Lithography System

Since 1979, Ultratech has been at the forefront of developing advanced lithography products for the production of integrated circuits as well as high-brightness LEDs (HBLEDs). The introduction of the Sapphire 100 Lithography System will provide HB-LED manufacturers higher operational flexibility and an overall performance advantage while reducing overall costs. The technology is based on the 1500 platform and features a 1X lens design that will provide manufacturers better technology options for their HB-LED manufacturing needs.

The technology will be made available to HB-LED manufacturers through Ultratech’s new Asia Technology Center in Taiwan, helping them develop low-cost solutions for their HB-LED manufacturing process. The center aims to assist customers in the product development and technology road maps for new and emerging HB-LED markets in the Asia-Pacific rim as well as other international markets.

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