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Do More with Google Plus

Monday, October 10th, 2011
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There’s a space on the earth where you can do whatever you want: love, hate, do business, market your product, play, watch entertainment clips, sing, shoot, and whatnot. It’s social media, the most crowded space on the earth, but that which expands every second to accommodate more and more people. Yes, it’s this space on the Internet where the focus of companies is shifting. The latest to hit this space is Google. With the launch of its new social networking site, Google is once again in the race to compete with social media majors like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and MySpace. Google+, which was released early in June, is still in beta, but has already claimed to have beaten Google’s expectations.

On July 15, just a few days after the Google+ beta was launched, Google CEO Larry Page confirmed that the social networking site has surpassed 10 million users. Leading business incubator IdeaLab predicts that Google+ could reach 100 million users faster than any other service in history. The service has seen greater adoption in Asia. According to the statistics available from Find People on Google Plus, six of the top 10 countries active on this social networking platform are from the Asian continent. However U.S tops the list, taking approximately half of the share. South Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Pakistan are on the top list, giving indications that Google+ can improve its count quickly by capitalizing on these dense markets. Initial trends indicate that this social networking tool will emerge as the fastest growing social networking medium in the world.

The impact of social media on businesses cannot be ignored. Though social networking sites were initially launched with an aim to connect individuals, they have now become mainstay marketing channels for brands. The launch of Google+ conforms to the company’s strategy to get its share from business users as well. Experts say there’s more businesses can do with Google+ than Facebook and LinkedIn. No doubt, Google is giving sleepless nights to Facebook and LinkedIn. In his reaction to Google+’s arrival in the market, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner commented that “there is no room for Google+ in the social networking world because it’s already populated by Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.”

However, market reactions indicate that there’s more to worry for LinkedIn and Facebook. Google is yet to launch business profile pages on Google+. The impact of this will be much higher than the business promotional opportunities offered through other social media. Thanks to the advanced platform created by Google+ that allows users to upload photos of their latest business feats and corporate updates.

Google+ has an advantage over other social networking tools because it is owned by the major search engine. Companies are looking at Google+ as the best social medium to promote their brands. They think an impressive Google+ profile will earn them impressive page rank and invite better traffic to their Web site. Moreover, users of Google products like Gmail, Orkut and Picasa Albums will find it easier to integrate them with Google+. Google recently updated Picasa Web Albums with a number of advanced features including automatic sync (with your permission) of photos from your Android device. Google has plans to integrate Orkut with Google+. Rumors also have it that Orkut will be wiped out from the social networking arena in the near future.

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