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Indians Vote Via Web with Scytl Technology

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

India had its first Internet elections in the State of Gujarat by using Scytl’s secure remote voting technology. Scytl is an international technology company focused on developing and implementing state-of-the-art e-voting and electoral modernization solutions worldwide.

The company notes that this is a milestone in Indian voting history that allowed citizens to vote through the Internet for the first time ever. By leveraging Scytl’s Internet voting technology, the State of Gujarat will be able to pull more people to polling booth and cut down long queues that often discourage voters to take time out to cast their valuable votes.

A pilot was held last year that was successful and this encouraged the Government to conduct voting via web.

According to Scytl, a large percentage of voters cast their vote electronically - either from home or from e-voting booths during Gandhinagar’s Municipal Corporation elections.

Because other states in India are also considering following the example of Scytl, the company has established its New Delhi office.

This office is headed by Rajeev Sood, who is also the general manager of Scytl’s operations in India.

Scytl points out that it fully automates the voting process while ensuring the highest levels of security in terms of voter privacy, vote integrity and transparency.

It attributes the success of the company to its unique Internet voting technology and auditability capacities.

Scytl also claims that its Internet voting platform has been certified by democratic Governments in the world such as France, Switzerland and the USA.

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