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Yong Hee Kwon

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INTERVIEW: Jeong-Hoon Hur-Dal Indian Restaurant

Monday, December 2nd, 2013



The Indian Food Industry has come a long way in Korea. Long gone are the days when an Indian restaurants were a rarity in the streets of Seoul. Now an Indian res­taurant can been found in practically all important streets of this great city. Among the burgeoning Indian restaurants in Seoul, one name stands apart: Dal Indian Restaurant.
In business for the past 12 years, Dal res­taurant has been able to make a unique name for itself in Korean society. Con­sidered to be the most authentic, original and pure Indian res­taurant in Korea, it counts among its customers many of Korea’s top political, business and entertainment indus­try elite.
Recently Yong-hee Kwon sat with the general manager of the restaurants, Mr. Jeong-Hoon Hur, for an exclusive interview. Here are excerpts of the interview…
Please tell us when the first restaurant was opened here in Seoul, and why did you choose to work in Indian restaurant?
The first restaurant was opened in the earl

World Peace Festival

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

The spiritual yearnings of Koreans can be difficult to fathom. Just as K Pop has taken off from Tokyo to New York, Korean spiritual movements draw adherents worldwide over seemingly insurmountable barriers.

movements draw adherents worldwide over seemingly insurmountable barriers. That was sense one received after witnessing the “World Peace Festival” in the Olympic Stadium in Seoul’s Jamsil district on September 16. The audience had come prepared for a few hours of singing and fun. They could not have envisioned 100,000 people filling every seat in the stadium, including thousands more on the playing field, marching in elaborate formations, dancing and enacting various traditional and cultural performances.


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